Corporate Social Responsibility


We find strength through diversity. We stri­ve to reflect a global society and are therefore attentive to diversity in terms of ethnicity, educa­tional background, gender, religion, sexuality, age and ability to work.

Human Rights

We act in observance of human rights and require the same of our partners. We refuse to accept child labour or for­ced labour. We also recognize the rights of labourers.


We act in an ethically responsible manner by listening with our minds and our hearts. We avoid all forms of corrup­tion and bribery, including financial exploitation, gifts and unethical agreements.

Compliance with law

We see national legisla­tion as a set of minimum requirements and aim to do more where possible.

Environmental care

We take a practical approach to operating a business and wish to provide future generations with good environmental conditions. We are aware of the environment – both internally and externally. We believe in the connec­tion between a better environment and a higher level of motivation