About Us


Paterson Jewellery was originally established as K. A. Paterson Pty Ltd by Keith Armour Paterson in 1935. Joined by brother John and wife Phyllis, K. A. Paterson grew to specialise in opal castings and children’s jewellery. It was a small yet successful business limited by staff and a small product range.

The company was taken over by Keith’s son Ross when Keith retired due to illness in 1972. Ross realised that to expand the company he needed to increase the product range and he soon had hundreds of different styles of Opal jewellery, which he took to the retailers all over Australia.

Once these companies took up the ‘FIREGEM’ Opal range, the business expanded and with increased staff Paterson Jewellery soon developed other areas of the product range to include lockets and bracelets and in particular the children’s jewellery range trademarked ‘LITTLE GYPSY’. The Little Gypsy range of inexpensive signet rings and gold plated hoop earrings were soon run by nearly every retailer in Australia.

Jewellery design and production

Paterson Jewellery is a wholesale and manufacturing business that is customer focused and service driven.
We fully embrace the ideologies of Value Added business practices.
We believe that we exist to service the needs of the retail and wholesale jewellery industry.

Whilst we will continue to develop new and innovative jewellery products and concepts, we also aim to work with our customers in developing the idea’s and needs of our customers.
Our mantra is to add value to everything we sell by offering credit facilities, re-size and repair service, guarantee’s, next day delivery, and customised manufacturing.
We are available by phone and email anytime of the day, and will reply to all customer queries and orders within 12 hours.

We aim to offer not only the jewellery items, but also packaging, in-store displays, care cards, info cards, co-op advertising, and any required or provided material.

Thai Factory

Our factory is now located in a jewellery and gems specific industrial zone in Bangkok Thailand, called ‘Gemopolis’. We were one of the first international companies to build in the ‘Duty free’ zone, a separate section within Gemopolis, which houses over 100 companies from around the world, with over 20,000 people employed within the tightly guarded sector.

We currently employ 75 staff in our factory, all whom have been trained to represent the best quality and standards of Paterson Jewellery. We pride ourselves on being able to control our production, cater to special orders, and even do custom manufacturing for any and all of our valued customers.


Our range now extends past the Opal and children’s jewellery from which the company was founded upon, to now showcase quality affordable jewellery that rivals any from around the world.

We hope to be an extension of any retail operation, building a partnership with our customers so they can rely on us to help their business grow. Through product development, competitive pricing and our many backup services of packaging, barcode ticketing and pricing, sales tracking, and advertising support, we hope to continue to grow well into the future.


Jesper Riis-Antonsen

Managing Director & Sales

With over 3 decades in various positions in the Jewellery industry

Giovanni Pacifici

Head of Manufacturing

Jewellery designer and head of our production team 

Nitiorn Aey

Customer accounts executive

A Thai native with experience with accounts managing

Chatchadapa Eve

Customer Accounts Executive

A Thai native with experience with accounts managing

Giovanni Pacifici

Head of design & Product Development

Jewellery designer and head of our design team 

Jesper Riis-Antonsen


With over 3 decades in various positions in the Jewellery industry