A factory with new and modern equipment secure Paterson jewellery can work efficient and deliver

agreed quality with out any production interruption. A setup which supply orders from one piece over
costumer specific modifications to several thousand pieces can be fulfilled.
Paterson Jewellery implements new technology every year so costumers always can get new designs with
the latest trends. Paterson Jewellery has been told by some of the important people in the business that
Paterson Jewellery have some of the best goldsmiths in Thailand. So, equipment, technology and
employer skills walk hand in hand at Paterson Jewellery


Paterson Jewellery knows that we are here for the costumers and have an extended costumer service function who helps and supports the costumers from mood board to when the finished products are delivered.

Paterson Jewellery helps the costumers implement new collections because we know it is orignality and new designs is what drives the business at the shops.


Paterson Jewellery has a sourcing function coming from the biggest jewellery brand in the world, so Paterson Jewellery utilizes its knowledge about global prices to secure the costumers get the best quality to a very competitive price.